Privacy and personal data protection policy statement

Name of the registry

Customer data registry of Aivomatic Ltd


Aivomatic Ltd
business Id 2189743-5

Person in charge of the registry

Teemu Mäntynen, managing director

Purpose of the registry

Customer data registry.

Principal use of the data:

  • Production, delivery and development of products and services
  • Invoicing and payment transactions
  • Marketing

Sources of information

Principal source of information are customers themself. Additional information can be sourced from authorities, public business information registries and shared partners.

Information content of the registry

Principaly the registry contains information that customers have themself given to Aivomatic Ltd.

The registry can contain for example the following information:

  • Company name and business Id of the client
  • Person name of the client's representatives
  • Mail and email addresses, phone numbers
  • Invoicing and banking information
  • Order information
  • Support information
  • Website user settings

Information access, rectification and erasure

Customer can access their registry information using customer account's GDPR-personal data/Get my data function.

Customer can modify their personal information using customer account's functions. Customer can request registry information rectification and erasure as described in customer account's GDPR-personal data section.

Information disclosure

Registry information can be disclosed to Aivomatic's partners to enable product and service production and delivery and marketing.

Invoicing and accounting information can be disclosed to banking and invoicing operators and to Aivomatic's accounting service provider.

Information can be disclosed to authorities if they represent a request that is base on Finnish Law.

Information disclosure to outside the EU

Email-marketing can utilize service providers outside EU, for example

Registry protection

Physical information copies

Registry information is not maintained as physical copies. Exception is accounting information. Only named persons at Aivomatic Ltd and Aivomatic's accounting service provider have access to accounting information. They are bound by nondisclosure agreement.

Digital information copies

WWW- and email server services are procured from Zoner Oy whose data centers are located in Finland.

Only named persons at Aivomatic Ltd have access to digital copies of the registry. They are identified by username and password. They are bound by nondisclosure agreement.


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