Software licensing

Our proprietary software license permits the use of a software product for one company in one installation. The installation is typically an e-commerce application, for which the Aivomatic's software is an extension components. In its installation the software extension can serve multiple internet domains, language version etc. for the one company for which the software license is granted. The proprietary software license does not permit the use of the software in an online mall type of multi-company online store.

The proprietary software license also permits the use of a copy of the software on a parallel non-public test/development installation.

The client can modify the software for their own use or can have a third party to modify the software for them, but these license terms apply to the modified versions also.

The client can not move the software license to a third party.


All prices exclude value added tax unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Service providers for which Aivomatic's software products are developed for charge separately according to their own price lists.

The price of software license of some of Aivomatic's products depends on whether Aivomatic can act as the reseller of the service for which the software is developed for. More below.

Aivomatic as a service reseller

Aivomatic is a reseller of Checkout Finland's and Paytrail's online payment services. Aivomatic being the reseller does not effect pricing, terms, information flow or anything else between the client and the service provider, but the service provider does pay a commission, from its own profit margins, to Aivomatic in exchange for Aivomatic enabling the client to consume services of the service provider. Thanks to the commission Aivomatic can license the software for a lower price or even complitely free of charge to the client who chooses to use Aivomatic in the role of service reseller.

The only valid reason for the client to not to use Aivomatic as the service reseller is if some fourth party acts as the service reseller.

For Aivomatic to be the reseller, the client must order the service thru Aivomatic (in case on Checkout Finland) or the client must specify Aivomatic as their reseller when ordering the service directly from the service provider by themself (in case of Paytrail).

If the client has already earlier ordered the service, directly from service provider or otherwise, without specifying Aivomatic as the reseller, it is usually possible to correct this shortcoming afterwards and thus be eligible to discounted license fee. The client should contact the service provider and ask them to record Aivomatic as the reseller of client's service order. If the service provider confirms Aivomatic as the reseller, Aivomatic is then able to license the software for lower fee or even free of charge to the client. Please contact Aivomatic's customer support.

If the software has been licensed to the client on the basis of Aivomatic being the service reseller, then Aivomatic must be able to act as the reseller for the whole duration of client's service order, ie. Aivomatic must not be replaced or otherwise removed from the role of the reseller. If Aivomatic is removed from the role of the reseller then the software license is no longer valid, and the client must either stop using Aivomatic's software or the client must purchase a new license.

Satisfaction guarantee

The client is granted the right to cancel the software product order within 30 days counting from the order date. If during these 30 days the client decides to stop using the software and informs Aivomatic of this desicion, Aivomatic then credits back the license fee. Installation or other service fees are not credited back.

Support service

Some products include a support service, which includes free software version updates and free email support. By default the support service period is twelve months. Some product's support period is unlimited. Support service requires valid software license.

Support service period can be renewed at its end. Aivomatic may offer discounted renewal fee. Currently a 50% discount is offered for all renewals.

Software updates

Free software version updates during product support period.

Email support

Free email support during product support period.

Direct communication between client and product development without extra steps in between.

Installation service

All our software products are provided with installation instructions. Alternatively client can choose to buy installation service from Aivomatic Ltd.

Typically installation service includes installing the software extension's program files to client's server, configuring the new software extension with client's credentials and other settings and testing the new installation by placing a test order.

Installation service charge is a fixed fee that includes one installation sessions. If for some reasons not depending on Aivomatic the software extension can't be installed in one session an extra fee is charged for addiotional installation sessions.

Customer is responsible for backing up files and database of the server before installation service is performed, and if necessary, restoring the backups.

Custom works and hourly price

Custom works like software customizaton and culsulting are charged according to hourly price unless otherwise agreed.

Hourly price:

  • 85 €/h excluding VAT
  • Billed hours are rounded up to next full half hour.

Billing terms

  • 14 days net
  • e-Invoice or PDF-invoice
  • Paper invoice 6 €
  • Payment reminder 6 €
  • Late payment interest 11.5 %

PDF-invoices are downloaded from online invoicing service. Customers who have chosen to receive a PDF-invoice are notified by email. The email contains a link thru which the client must download the PDF-invoice.

Online bank and card payment service provider

Paytrail Plc acts as a collecting payment service provider and is an authorized Payment Institution. Paytrail Plc will be shown as the recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Plc will forward the payment to the merchant. For reclamations, please contact the website the payment was made to.

Paytrail Plc
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: +358 207 181 830
Business ID 2122839-7

Partnerships with e-commerce infrastructure service providers

Aivomatic is happy to agree on technical and marketing partnerships with e-commerce infrastructure service providers.

Partnerships with e-commerce system integrators

Aivomatic does not provide full-blown e-commerce systems or sites, only their software components. Thus Aivomatic does not compete with e-commerce system integrators. This enables partnership between integrators and Aivomatic, where the integrator acts as a reseller of Aivomatic's products. Aivomatic grants the integrator a 30% discount to the normal license fee, excluding the first delivery that is always at normal price. Aivomatic invoices the integrator. The integrator and their client are free to agree on extra services and license and service fees.

More info at Ordering instructions -page.