Direct deposit prepay plus - PrestaShop 1.7

Addon for PrestaShop 1.7's Direct deposit prepay module. Extra features are more versatile reference number, international bank reference in addition to Finnish bank reference, virtual barcode and automatic advancement of due date away from weekend.

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This PrestaShop 1.7's module adds new features to Direct deposit prepay payment method.

  • Automatic advancement of due date from weekend to following Monday.
  • Virtual barcode which your customer can copy and paste to his/her online bank. Makes paying easier and quicker.
  • More versatile bank reference number. In addition to Cart id you can additionally use Customer Id, Shop Id and Language Id as part of the reference number. Length of each Id as part of the reference number can adjusted. A set value can be added to the Cart Id. A fixed number can be added to the beginning of the bank reference.
  • New internation bank reference (ISO 11649, 'RF-reference') in addition to traditional Finnish bank reference.


Install the extension module yourself by following the installation instruction below or purchase installation as a service.

Installation instructions

Use PrestaShop's Module Manager's 'Upload a module' function to upload and install the zip-package. The Module manager installs the package ant the opens module's configuration page where you can key in your settings.

Installation order of this FipnPsDdPp2Plus module and the FipnPsDdPp2 module this module extends in not important. But this module does not do anything unless the FipnPsDdPp2 module in installed too.


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