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Bcc All Email to Admin

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Send a blind carbon copy (Bcc:) of every outgoing customer email to store administration team. Log details or just a summary of every email.

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Satisfaction guarantee

30 days money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the software.

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12 months free updates. Update notifications directly to your email.

12 months free email support. Direct contact to product development.

The 12 months support service period can be renewed at its end for 50% discounted price. Support period for the free of charge version can be renewed for free.

Software license

Software license permits use of the software for one company in one installation. A copy of the software can be used in a parallel non-public test/development installation.


  • Get realtime notification about new customers, new orders, order status changes etc. Your store's email traffic tells a lot about the successes and the problems that might otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Monitor the health of your whole email delivery chain from beginning to end. Don't keep your customers wondering why they aren't receiving email from you or why the email they receive from you has embarrassing errors in it.
  • Use the logging feature to help you to develop your transactional emails.


  • Blind carbon copies can be send to one or many email addresses.
  • Bcc all email or only particular messages by using email subject filters.
  • Log details or just a summary of every email to PrestaShop' internal log and/or to a log file.
  • The logging feature can be used independently without needing to send Bcc.

Only emails that are sent using PrestaShop's Mail::send()-method are Bcc'ed. This covers all normal transactional emails. It is possible that some third party addons don't use PrestaShop's Mail::send()-method and thus their emails are not Bcc'ed by this module.


Use PrestaShop's Module Manager to install the module – no special installation techniques are required. Installation and configuration is detailed in module's documentation, see Attachment-tab on this page.

This module does not override any PrestaShop's classes or files – no conflicts with PrestaShop's updates or third party addons.


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PrestaShop 1.7
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AmcPsBccToAdmin user manual

User manual for the Bcc All Email to Admin module.

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