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Ship as Letter

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Ship order as a letter in one or more envelopes. The 'Ship as Letter' module uses a 3D packing algorithm to verify that every product will fit into an envelope and to estimate the total number of envelopes required.


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Install the shipping extension module yourself by following the product manual (see the Attachments tab) or ask for an installation service quotation by email.

Ship as Letter

Letter is frequently the least expensive shipping method for light and small products. Inexpensive shipping methods are a great attraction for your customers and a great competitive advantage for your online store. Letter shipment is an excellent way to save costs, if you offer free shipping for your customers.

But not all products and orders can be shipped as a letter, because of maximum size and weight limits. By using the 'Ship as Letter' shipping module, you can restrict offering letter shipment to only those orders that fit into one or more envelopes.

  • The Ship as Letter shipping module makes sure that every product on the customer's order will fit into one of the configured envelopes. By using a 3D packing algorithm, the module estimates the total number of envelopes required to ship all of the products as one or more letters.
  • Configure an unlimited number of domestic and international letter methods. Each letter method can be limited to selected destination countries. Any selection of destination countries can be configured independently of your PrestaShop's shipping zones.
  • Each letter method has its own independent selection of envelope types. Each envelope has its maximum dimensions and maximum weight. Each letter method also has its independent maximum envelope count and maximum total cost limits.
  • Envelopes are classified as "plain" or "padded". Products can be classified as "Do not ship as letter", "Ship in plain envelope" or "Ship in padded envelope only". Products lacking this classification can be set to use module's default value. Products lacking dimensions or weight can be set to use module's default values or can be classified as "Do not ship as letter".
  • Each letter method can be priced flexibly. Set price per order, per total weight and/or per envelope type. Prices can be tiered by weight ranges.
  • Descriptions of each letter method's shipping duration and shipping mode are clearly shown during checkout in the customer's own language. Envelope count and total weight estimates are also shown to the customer during checkout.
  • Multilanguage, multicurrency, multistore.
  • Can also be used for new orders created by the merchant.
  • Additional user interface translations are easy to produce using PrestaShop's translation tool. Store front UI only requires two terms to be translated for your customers.
  • Module uses extensive caching to maximize speed and to minimize computational requirements.
  • Use PrestaShop's Module Manager to install the module – no special installation techniques are required. Installation and configuration are detailed in the module's extensive documentation.
  • This module does not override any PrestaShop's core files or functions – no conflicts with PrestaShop's updates, themes or third-party add-on modules. No need to manually modify PrestaShop's files.

System requirements

  • PrestaShop 1.7.2-1.7.7
  • PHP 7.1-7.3

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Ship as Letter -shipping module's english manual.

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