Ship in 3D shipping module
  • Ship in 3D shipping module
  • Ship in 3D shipping module
  • Ship in 3D shipping module
  • Ship in 3D shipping module
  • Ship in 3D shipping module
  • Ship in 3D shipping module
  • Ship in 3D shipping module
  • Ship in 3D shipping module
  • Ship in 3D shipping module

Ship in 3D shipping module

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Ship smarter by using a 3D packing algorithm and a greatly extended selection of price and availability settings.


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12 months free email support. Direct contact to product development.

The 12 months support service period can be renewed at its end for 50% discounted price.

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Software license doesn't depend on the 12 months support service. Software license continues to be valid even if the 12 months support service expires.

Software license permits use of the software for one company in one installation. A copy of the software can be used in a parallel non-public test/development installation.

More information in Ordering instructions.


Install the shipping extension module yourself by following the product manual (see the Attachments tab) or ask for an installation service quotation by email.

3D packing

The ‘Ship in 3D’ shipping module uses a 3D packing algorithm to verify that each product of the order fits
into one of the available package types. The 3D packing algorithm also estimates the total number and
volume of packages required to ship the products. Each shipping method has its own independent selection
of package types. Each package type has its own price, dimensions, empty weight and maximum weight.
Products that are shipped in their own self-containing packages are also included in the total number of
packages and total volume.

Shipping method availability

  • The availability of each shipping method can be configured using a combination of the following settings:
  • Language, country, state and postal code of the customer
  • Dimensions, weights, brands, default suppliers and minimum stock quantities of the products
  • Presence of fragile or dangerous products
  • Maximum weight of each self-containing product
  • Minimum and maximum total shipping weight
  • Maximum package count
  • Minimum and maximum order subtotal
  • Maximum shipping price of the shipping method itself

All PrestaShop's original availability settings for shipping methods, such as customer groups and product availability,
are also available. Allowed destinations can be configured independently from PrestaShop's shipping zones.

Shipping method pricing

  • The price of each shipping method can be configured using a combination of the following settings:
  • Package count and types
  • Number of self-containing products
  • Number of packages containing fragile or dangerous products
  • Total shipping weight
  • Tiered pricing by shipping weight ranges
  • Total volume
  • Fixed price per order
  • Proportion of order subtotal
  • Whether the cart and stock quantities of the products will necessitate a backorder.

All PrestaShop's original price settings for shipping methods, such as product specific shipping fee and cart
rules for free shipping, are also available.

Product features

The module adds new product features to classify products as "Self-containing", "Fragile" and "Dangerous".
These classifications can be set to affect the prices and availability of each shipping method. Products
missing these classifications can be set to use the module's default values.


In addition to showing the usual shipping method’s name and transit time description at checkout, the ‘Ship
in 3D’ shipping module shows a longer shipping method description. The module also shows the number of
packages and the total weight at checkout.

Advanced logging eases the testing of diverse price and availability settings.

The module supports multiple languages and multiple currencies and it can be operated in a multistore

Merchant can use the module to create new orders in the back office.

A list of selected packages and the products each package contains, as calculated by the 3D packing
algorithm, can be saved for each order. The list acts as a packing plan for the personel doing the packing.

New translations of the store front user interface require very little work.

The module uses extensive caching to maximize speed and to minimize computational requirements.

The module doesn't override any core files or functions. Maximum compatibility with other modules,
minimal update and maintenance efforts.

Extensive english user manual.

System requirements

  • PrestaShop 1.7.2-1.7.7
  • PHP 7.1-7.3

Data sheet

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PrestaShop 1.7
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ShipIn3D shipping module's english user manual.

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