Installation - Magento 1.x payment module

Magento CE 1.x payment module installation, configuration and testing.

€59.00 (VAT 0)

Magento CE 1.x payment module installation as a service

The installation service includes installing the software extension modules's program files to client's server, configuring the new software extension module with client's merchant credentials and other settings and testing the new installation by placing a test order.

Required installation data

Aivomatic needs a set of data from the client to be able to install a software extension module.

Please email the following information to Aivomatic's customer support address

Magento 1.x

  • FTP-address, username and password for copying software extension module's files to client's web server.
  • Magento Admin panel address, username and password for configuring and testing the software extension module.
  • Installation schedule. Can Aivomatic install the software extension module straight away at first opportunity or should a schedule be arranged and agreed?

Checkout Finland payment gateway service

  • Merchant Id and MAC-key (not needed if Aivomatic acts as the service reseller and generates your Checkout merchant credentials).

Paytrail payment gateway service

  • Merchant Id and MAC-key

Delivery time

Typically Aivomatic can perform the installation service at the day of order or the following weekday. In some exceptions the delivery time can be two to three weekdays.

Server backup

The client is responsible for backing up files and database of the server before installation service is performed, and if necessary, restoring the backups in case of problems.


Data sheet

Software platform
Magento 1.6 - 1.9