Paytrail VirtueMart 3
  • Paytrail VirtueMart 3
  • Paytrail VirtueMart 3
  • Paytrail VirtueMart 3
  • Paytrail VirtueMart 3
  • Paytrail VirtueMart 3
  • Paytrail VirtueMart 3
  • Paytrail VirtueMart 3
  • Paytrail VirtueMart 3

Paytrail VirtueMart 3

€189.00 (Tax excluded)

Paytrail's new online payment service API for Joomla and VirtueMart 3.

The new API was launch at autumn 2021, after Paytrail acquired payment service provider Checkout Finland.

Paytrail's service provides a comprehensive selection of Finnish and international payment methods. Customers can choose their preferred payment service provider directly in store during checkout.

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Paytrail service package: Reseller Aivomatic Ltd

Users of previous Checkout Finland PSP-API module

Users who have valid support service subscription for the earlier Checkout Finland PSP-API module (product code AmcVm3CheckoutPsp) and whose Paytrail payment service reseller Aivomatic is, can order this new module for free of charge. Please ask for 100% discount code by email.

This module can be installed simultaniously with the earlier Checkout Finland PSP-API module. This enables uninterrupted payment processing while moving from old payment service API to the new API.

Satisfaction guarantee

30 days money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the software.

Support service

12 months of free updates. Update notifications directly to your email.

12 months of free email support. Direct contact to product development.

The 12 months support service subscription can be renewed at its end for 50% discounted price.

Software license

Software license doesn't depend on the 12 months support service. Software license continues to be valid even if the 12 months support service subscription has expired.

Software license permits use of the software for one company in one installation. A copy of the software can be used in a parallel non-public test/development installation.


Install the payment extension module yourself by following the product manual (see Attachments tab) or purchase installation as a service.

Paytrail's payment gateway

Paytrail offers a comprehensive selection of Finnish and international online payment methods thru one payment gateway. All Finnish online banks, debit and credit cards, invoicing and part payment, mobile payments etc.

VirtueMart 3 software extension module

Aivomatic's payment module acts as a translator between a VirtueMart online store and the Paytrail payment gateway. The module conveys order and payment information from VirtueMart to Paytrail and back and interprets the information to formats in which VirtueMart and Paytrail can understand each other. No information is conveyd thru Aivomatic.

The payment module supports all payment methods of Paytrails's new API except Apple Pay. Customers can choose their preferred payment service provider directly in store during checkout without having to go to Paytrail's gateway site to select the payment service provider.

System requirements

  • VirtueMart 3.9-3.10
  • Joomla 3.8-3.9
  • PHP 7.3-7.4

Older VirtueMart or Joomla versions have not been tested, but they might work.


The price of software license of the payment module depends on whether Aivomatic can act as the reseller of Paytrail's payment service and which Paytrail service package (S or M-XL) you choose. Aivomatic being the reseller does not effect pricing, terms, information flow or anything else between the merchant and Paytrail. More information about Aivomatic's role as the service reseller in the Terms of service.

Ordering instructions

Key in ordering information to the fields above and add the product to cart. Place the order. Download software installation packages. Aivomatic creates your Merchant account at Paytrail's Merchant Extrenet and then emails Merchant Id and MAC-key to your email address.

If you have already ordered the service from Paytrail without specifying Aivomatic as the reseller, it is usually possible to have Aivomatic being added to your service order afterwards. You should contact Paytrail and ask them to record Aivomatic as the reseller partner of your service order. Once Paytrail confirms Aivomatic as the reseller, we are then able to license the software for a lower price.

See Ordering instructions and Terms of service for more information.


Data sheet

Software platform
VirtueMart 3
Admin UI translations
Customer UI translations
Proprietary, all rights reserved



English manual for VirtueMart 3's Paytrail payment module

Download (435.06KB)

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